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XRPUSD Technical Analysis

Discussion in 'Expert Level' started by Arpit, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Hello friends! We have been seeing that BTC is creating both Bull and Bear trap these days. Seeing the 1D chart of XRPUSD, the moment seems to be sideways.

    We can see from the chart the the price is currently at a very cruicial support of 200EMA. Below this we have the 50 EMA support and 100 EMA support and a critical support at around 0.45. If this support sustains and market goes up, we can see the movement upto 0.60–0.65 zone. However, if the support doesn’t sustain, we can see some movement till 0.38–0.26–0.24 region in the worst case.

    The move solely depends on the BTC move which itself is indecisive at the moment. Some scalp trades can be done in BTC.

    The MACD and RSI are also range bound and have enough space to move in either direction.

    Hence, its better to wait for some breakout and then trade the setup.

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