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Online startups

Discussion in 'Progress Threads' started by Abdul Rahim, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Abdul Rahim

    Abdul Rahim Contributor

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    Online startup have particularly gained momentum especially during these unprecedented times. For example the gaming industry has particularly gained momentum.
    Since there is a lack of awareness of crypto currencies and their projects, I'd like to post about my favorite startup.
    BET(EarnBet)- an online decentralized casino operating on the WAX chain and taking blockchain gaming to a whole new level. The casino offers games like Dice, Hilo, Blackjack, etc. It recently partnered up with ChainLink in utilizing its state of the art price prediction and betting mechanisms . The casino is user owned and 100% of profits are distributed to token holders.
    The casino recently distributed over $60,000 in dividends ( a month's worth) to token holders in coins such as btc. What makes this project so special is that it has the potential to explode during these unforeseen circumstances as users are generally switching over to online forms of entertainment.

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