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ICO Nortonchain- The Smart Path to True Decentralization

Discussion in 'ICOs' started by btcsmartads, Jul 31, 2018.

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    Nortonchain is an improved technology in the revolution of blockchains. A distributed ledger with the

    sole aim of executing free transactions and giving high level of security to all users.

    Nortonchain is a dias on which several other platforms can be built on just like the bitcoin blockchain

    and where transactions are executed in every second and confirmed.

    However, transactions are executed on Nortonchain and confirmed automatically peer to peer without the

    need for miners. On Nortonchain, confirmations are done automatically as they are made. Nortonchain is

    built with Artificial Intelligence embedded in it to do the work of miners. By so, getting all

    transactions confirmed on each user's account as the AI is capable of creating a child of itself

    attaching each one to each new account created. With the relation from the parent AI, every child AI that

    is very much the same as the parent AI is fully aware of all transactions made and this fosters the

    automatic confirmation process on the chain.

    With this, everything on Nortonchain syncs with one another and maximum safety is assured. Further more,

    dummy transactions are executed by the AI system in other to have billions of transactions executed in a

    short period of time and this would ensure much more security as compromising a transaction information

    on one AI node wouldn't influence the information carried by others, except one could influence that of

    all nodes at same time, but this is impossible as multiple nodes are created on every transaction made

    and each AI powered node is independent on the information or activity on others, it carries transaction

    details and cannot be made to change or edited, more like an irreversible process. This makes sure that

    even if a preexisting node is comprised, the others are not corrupted.

    Nortonchain is with its own exchange, a decentralized exchange where users no longer have to worry about

    passwords and emails to login, neither do they have to worry about private keys. With Nortonchain's AI,

    the exchange is capable of having users simply login with their face being recognized as their login


    Norton Bot is another breakthrough to help users communicate with Nortonchain directly. With Norton Bot,

    developers of any kind can build anything on Nortonchain by just giving few description (commands) and

    details to the Bot and it gets this almost completely built for the developer. This will help the

    developer get work done and project executed real quick and even more efficient.

    Norton Bot is more like telegram, easy and user friendly, but more powerful than imagined.

    Nortonchain has its representative coin called Norton Coin. Norton Coin is a payment coin used on the

    numerous Norton Platforms. It's atomic swap capable and is used on other platforms outside of Nortonchain

    for countless usages.

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