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Maltese banking considers that cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by buenoscoin, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Marcel Cassar, director of the Malta Bankers Association, said that blockchain technology is the "dream of a banker", also asserting that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, in a recent interview with the Malta Independent.

    The banker says that the banking industry must keep pace with a digital world those changes with a dizzying speed, comparing it with a Formula 1 car. He says that at the moment the slowness in adapting will make the blockchain technology can´t be implemented immediately, but that it would be revolutionary for the industry. "Considering our experience in technological innovation, a blockchain revolution of businesses and governments may still be years away because many barriers should be brought down before this," he said.

    However, Cassar emphasized repeatedly that blockchain technology is not disruptive, but rather a foundational platform that could lead to the creation of new platforms for social and economic infrastructure.

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