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JASMY is the world's leading Internet of Things platform.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by daisy, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Demonstrated that JASMY is the world's leading Internet of Things platform. Platform Jasmy is an IoT provider whose mission is to create an optimal platform that customers around the world can easily, safely and securely use.

    Internet of Things Platform Benefits

    Ø IoT devices can be used to implement Smart Home.

    Ø IoT devices used for monitoring the things in the industrial sector.

    Ø IoT can be used to collect data from different devices and generating alerts in case of any threshold.

    Ø Intelligence Industries.

    Ø In healthcare, IoT can be used to monitor patients remotely and do the needful treatment from the remote location.

    What is Centrality delivering for Jasmy?

    Centrality is delivering 3 bespoke solutions:

    • Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC)

    Ø A customer support solution that is secured on a private blockchain ledger which protects users’ personal data and providing agents with verified information, without storing customer information.

    • Smart Guardian (SG)

    Ø An automation system that secures home and lifestyle IoT devices to individuals’ digital identities.

    • A data marketplace

    Ø A new way for customers to interact and utilise their data. As Jasmy believes that data created should belong to the consumer, the data marketplace will offer customers the ability to earn rewards from the data they create while using the Jasmy Platform.

    In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, they have decided to distribute $10M worth of JASMY COIN as a free airdrop campaign scheduled to take place in July, 2020. This Offer ends June 31, 2020

    They provides users with an ultra-secure multi-currency wallet with easy and fast transactions and support for BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP and ERC-20 tokens.Only you are in control of your funds and it will always be secure.

    For more info you can visit at fg-wallet's official website.

    So more info you can simply visit at Jasmy Airdrop Official Telegram Channel

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