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JASMY has decided to distribute $10 million worth of JASMY coins as a free airdrop campaign.

Discussion in 'Crypto Currency News' started by daisy, Jun 13, 2020.

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    Jasmy is a corporate-level Internet of Things (IoT) provider based in Japan. Founded by former Sony President Kunitake Ando, Jasmy's mission is to create an IoT platform that customers can use worldwide while maintaining control of their data.

    In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, they have decided to distribute $10M worth of JASMY COIN as a free airdrop campaign scheduled to take place in July, 2020. This Offer ends June 31, 2020

    On the other hand, as a company with many networks around the world, They considered what they could do and decided to run this special airdrop free of charge in all accessible countries.

    The native coin of JASMY, JASMY COIN will be listed on major exchanges in the US and in Japan in Autumn of 2020.

    IoT can dramatically change people's lives. For example, food, clothing, housing, mobile usage, etc. But today, the critical data generated by IoT devices, including personal data about users, is under the control of the companies that provide the IoT infrastructure.

    Jasmy worked with Centrality to integrate blockchain technology into its IoT platform, enabling individuals to keep their data secure.

    How JASMY solves business challenges

    By partnering with Centrality, Jasmy is able to regain control of the data for consumers and remove the responsibility of holding customer information.

    It also provides users with an ultra-secure multi-currency wallet with easy and fast transactions and support for BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP and ERC-20 tokens.

    Only you are in control of your funds and it will always be secure.

    For more info you can visit at fg-wallet

    So more info you can simply visit at Jasmy Airdrop Official Telegram Channel airdrop

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