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Insane Amount Of Bitcoin Purchase! This Is The Great Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy!

Discussion in 'Crypto Services' started by Cryptoqueens, May 23, 2019.

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    Additionally, there are 5 wallets with amounts between 11,000 BTC and 55,000 BTC in a period of 4 weeks, from the end of September to the last week of October.

    The total accumulated by these 5 wallets is more than 133 thousand BTC.

    This shows that large amounts of money are entering the Bitcoin market while maintaining this strange stability in the price that has lasted longer than expected.

    There are various coins that made huge profits.

    #CDT broke the resistance level to provide huge 90% profit – Our Members are enjoying great success ratio on Signals.

    29% Profit as #REQ reached 354 on #Binance - It has almost touched all the Profit Targets.

    The success ratio of the signals posted has been of top quality.

    #OAX has almost reached 2nd Profit Target - Awesome profit from the free signals.

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