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    Flashmoni is a Blockchain-based finance and remittance services' provider targeting banked, underbanked and unbanked people.

    To help achieving the goal of financial inclusion, we are bridging the real and digital worlds with the FlashCryptostation, a customised cash-in only (for the time being) ATM that has a biometric reader, a scanner to upload documents and a keyboard for private data input. The KYC process ranges from a basic information requirement up to a more complete data need (we are a GDPR compliant company)

    From the FlashCryptostation (deployment starting Q3 2018), users will be able to access their FlashWallet (which integrates multi-fiat and cryptocurrencies & allows instant wire transfers), the FlashXchanger (which allows exchange from one digital or fiat currency to any other) and the FlashRemitt (using the mobile device as a payment solution). Wherever and whenever needed.

    The Flashmoni App (FlashApp), available now on any browser and soon also on Android and IOS, allows users to transfer funds, exchange money and make online payments.

    The cash-out solution for our online financial services will be achieved with our other MVP - the OZTCARD, a banking smart-card that integrates multiple credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty cards, and also features “cold storage” (deployment starting Q2 2018).

    To make this ecosystem work, we created two physical gold-backed tokens: a private non-tradable token (OZG) that generates stability for Flashmoni’s users, and a utility token (OZT) which is tradable but has a minimum core value fixed by 24K gold (deposited in a vault and quarterly audited by a renowned third party). Let’s call it a fallback plan for OZT holders.

    Knowing that the blockchain will soon become a narrow road to process all the information flow, we are already working to solve the scalability issue with our own Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solution.

    Linked to these offerings, Flashmoni’s smart-contract-based ad solution will increasingly reduce, until eliminating completely, the financial services’ costs for users. The advertising solution allied with data usage (by consent only and always paid to people consenting its use) also differentiates our project. Its outcome will enable FlashCare, our social responsibility project that will provide clean water and electricity to needy communities. Our way to give back to the community which valorises even more our ICO.

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