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Good investment opportunities from VIC rewards.

Discussion in 'ICOs' started by boby777, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. boby777

    boby777 Contributor

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    I think this is a good investment opportunity.VIC Rewards is a reward point program product based on a true utility token (VIC – Vitality Coin) by dClinic to operate in the Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) ecosystem around the world.

    The VIC Rewards Program is designed to reward Consumers, and Care Team members alike for adherence to and participation in their vitality plans to help them achieve a better healthier outcome, and therefore, to reduce healthcare costs worldwide.

    Not only do they benefit you as individuals, but they can benefit your family, caregivers, and your entire community. It also helps reduce healthcare costs for governments and healthcare. VIC Rewards can improve medical outcomes in many ways.

    dClinic is launching a new product, a true utility token called VIC (Vitality Coin) aimed at rewarding good healthcare behaviour because, if the consumer, who is sometimes a patient, and their care team is actively involved in promoting, participating and adhering to healthcare plans and strategies, then it follows that the cost of healthcare service provision for governments, organisations and insurers, can be reduced, so why not reward good and active behaviour.

    Good healthcare behaviour through healthcare and wellbeing activities creates Vitality, and VIC is there to reward you.

    VIC Rewards, also rewards Investors with yearly buy-back options.

    So more info you can simply visit at
  2. KoinPro

    KoinPro Beginner

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    Health care utility tokens are not getting much adoption all these years there are lot of projects which failed to make solid presence in the past

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