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[First time] I got free token airdrop that tell me the listing time on EXCHANGE

Discussion in 'Progress Threads' started by Novaplanet, Aug 7, 2018.

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    I participate in many airdrops, some just go like air, and some really give me something.

    But from my friend referral(by referral she got more tokens), I got one really HOT airdrop recently---NPT airdrop.

    They are the first AIRDROP that I joined that have a very clean plan of applications and more importantly, EXCHANGE listed!

    At the very beginning, I am super curious❓❓❓, why they can do the listed so fast even before the token distributed? Followed their post and do my own research, the reason is it is their own exchange!

    And I heard that the NPT token will be served as the exchange token which linked with exchange profit!

    -----About NPT Nova project------

    Backed by a global Tech company Abakus, Nova has teams in US, Brazil, Swiss, Singapore, Indonesia, India, China

    Abakus is a global Tech Unicorn using tech to restructure the financial institution. Nova is using the blockchain to restructure it. We wanna provide customers by providing Crypto credit❤️, Crypto exchange and crypto assets management .

    We have got the Europe exchange license, NPT will be listed in Europe exchange in August.

    ❤️ We will lease our Nova China in End August, making customers KYC data secure and valued.

    Why no ICO? Nova does not want money?
    We don't need money(supported by Abakus)
    What we want is, someone like you to really recognize us, bring out the value together with us. Nova love you❤️
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