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Eleven01 – The Top Blockchain Invested by India Capital Consortium Will Have Its World Premi

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    On February 14, 2020, Bibox Exchange announced that it would launch the Microsoft incubated blockchain project Eleven01. Eleven01 is a public chain project incubated by Microsoft Accelerator and funded by Mahindra (Tech Mahindra), a top Indian capital. The project has the support and attention of various departments of the Indian government and recently launched a test network.

    It is understood that the Indian government is one of the most active governments in the world that hopes to establish its blockchain standards to enhance India's voice in the global blockchain community. Data show that Eleven01 has developed India's first "domestic" public chain, which is in line with the national policies and needs of the Indian government. The Indian government encourages its different departments and enterprises to apply blockchain technology and encourages start-ups to build DApp based on their public chain.

    "I firmly believe that India can become a global center for blockchain innovation. India produces a large number of engineers every year, and the Indian government encourages and invests in blockchain technology incubators across the country, which makes it more resonant. " Said Mr. Ausaf S. Ahmad, founder of Eleven01. Mr. Ausaf S. Ahmad is the global head of Microsoft's former blockchain and Internet of things.

    As to why Bibox was chosen as the world premiere trading platform, Mr. Rama Iyer, President and Chief Product Officer of Eleven01, said: "Bibox has always been known as a 'high-quality digital asset trading platform' and has maintained a record of zero security incidents since its launch. In June 2019, in the rating of foreign rating agency CER, Bibox was rated at the top of the security index with a score of 8.43. Such an impressive achievement is one of the main factors that lead to this reciprocal partnership.

    Bibox Global has entered into a strategic partnership with London Stock Exchange (LSEG) to join the London Stock Exchange (LSEG) 's global partnership program. Bibox Europe also plans to list on the London Stock Exchange. The London Stock Exchange is one of the four largest stock exchanges in the world along with the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

    Aries Wang, the co-founder of Bibox, said: "the huge user traffic of Bibox trading platform can empower Eleven01 and its already excellent operation. Eleven01’s marketing ability can also give a further boost to the value of Eleven01. The huge user and partner base of Eleven01 in India will also bring more traffic to Bibox.

    Eleven01 has also prepared generous rewards for global debut-related activities, with a total prize pool of millions of EO1. As the first name of the Indian public chain and Microsoft's deep incubation project, Eleven01 will bring new vitality to the Bibox trading platform. As a rare global large-scale digital asset trading platform, Bibox will help Eleven01 step out of India and onto the international stage. Eleven01's team is also confident that it will lead India to the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

    On Eleven01.

    The Eleven01 protocol has been created with the aim of bringing India ahead in the blockchain sphere. We have developed the protocol to raise a platform that allows the creation, publication, and extension of the core blockchain services in all sectors.

    The mission is to launch a protocol which can interoperate with the other global protocols to form a syndicate of blockchain protocols. In the lead up to our launch, Eleven01 has already partnered with companies like STATWIG, as well as governments and industry consortia including State Government of Telangana, India, CWY & ICRISAT.

    On Bibox.

    Bibox was founded in November 2017 and has been licensed for compliant digital assets trading in Estonian since its inception. In August 2018, it acquired a Swiss company- Chain Capital and was granted a VQF license. Five months after its establishment, Bibox ranks among the top 10 in 24-hour trading volume in the world. In May 2019, Bibox upgraded the underlying trading system architecture to comprehensively improve its system performance, processing capacity and response speed of the order matchmaking engine. A single account API can support high-frequency transactions to 25 orders per second. Some user tests found that Bibox has the highest order matchmaking speed.

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