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Craig Wright Claims Present Versions of BTC And BCH Used His Database Without Authority

Discussion in 'Crypto Currency News' started by Alexane johnson, Feb 15, 2020.

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    Craig Wright, the infamous native Australian who claims to be the pseudo-anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto recently posted a blog justifying that only he owns the full rights to the Bitcoin registry and no other developer can mess with the protocol’s underlying database. Wright also claimed that the current versions of BTC and BCH broke contractual rights and that they are in reality a theft of more than $100 billion. Craig Wright published a blog on his own website “Forking and Passing Off” on February 13 in which he mentioned details about forking a codebase derived from Bitcoin’s original code. Wright claimed that digital assets such as ETH and LTC are forked codebases obtained from Bitcoin. He stressed that both assets copied the database and attempted to pass off the new system as the original one.


    Craig Wright Believe He Owns Rights To Open-Source Bitcoin Protocol

    The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto then demonstrated his views about how the open-source MIT license works and said that the developers have no knowledge about the same. Further supporting his opinion wright gave an example of Linux and Openoffice. He mentioned that both are open-source products. For instance, if he would write a novel using Linux as the OS and use Openoffice as the editing platform, the software would remain open source but not the product of his work. He claimed to own complete rights of Bitcoin’s original codebase. Wright declared that being the sole creator of BTC, he owns all the rights to Bitcoin registry, and no one has the rights to alter the protocol using the underlying database. However, they are free to fork the software and make alternative versions from it. Still, both Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Core attempted to use the data without authority. Those who have known Wright would obviously won't pay much heed to his current rant which sounds bizarre at best given Wright himself created Bitcoin SV which has been forked from the Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin.

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