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Bitcoin's tweet reached its highest level in 2 years when the price rose above 10 thousand dollars

Discussion in 'Crypto Currency News' started by jane madison, Feb 15, 2020.

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    Bitcoin's price has risen to $ 10,000 and gone into the mainstream - but internet consumers have noticed before, the data shows.

    Statistics from Bitinfocharts show that in early February, Bitcoin alone on Twitter soared to a two-year high.

    75,000 Bitcoin tweets per day
    At the time, BTC was trading at around $ 9,400, having reached its highest level since September 2019 a few days earlier.

    Bitcoin Tweets reached 75,000 on February 2, a big contrast to the standard and most behavioral pattern since the beginning of 2018, when the Bitcoin market fell from an all-time high of $ 20,000.

    Google Trends: The highest search since August
    Google's search activity has also increased this month. Analysis of the Bitcoin term shows that users have searched for this term more in the last seven days than at any time since August last year.

    In August, Bitcoin price dropped from a high of $ 11,800 to less than $ 10,000, previously seeing an 18-month high of $ 13,800.

    Currently, according to Google Trends, it is Nigeria and South Africa that are the main source of curiosity about Bitcoin. Next is Austria, Switzerland and Ghana.

    Among the most popular related topics, Twitter's Square Cash app is a notable app, a payment service that provides full support for Bitcoin transactions.
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    Bitcoin has crossed $10,000 already. It is a good news for all crypto lovers. May be who were in loss now the time to recover. So get patience in crypto it may reach you in your nect level.

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