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cryptocurrency forum
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Oct 24, 2020 at 3:35 AM
May 26, 2017
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    1. G_Host
      Guys, do you even know that your "Crypto Mining" section is full of Trojans passed off as miners? Users minerguru11, zapninja24242? chungune1 and some others do not post anything other. Neither here, nor on other forums.

      If the purpose of the forum is not to spread Trojans, it is probably worth doing something about it.

      Just for your information. And sorry for bothering you.
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    3. Ramaraj S
      Ramaraj S
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    4. KIntum
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    5. traderguru1955
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    6. traderguru1955
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    7. culture123
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    8. wearenameless
      I am new and wish to buy some crypto. Say worth $1000 to begin. Someone guide me on how to go about it
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      2. Stephen Andre
        Stephen Andre
        Good day friend, I'm Stephen Andre, a professional bitcoin miner and binary trader, do you know you can earn up to $7,500 in just 7 days of mining with a invest of $350 immediately you get connected to the new antiminers machine kindly dm for more information.


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        Nov 13, 2019
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    10. Takuri333
      I'm new here and biginner in crypto markets.....
      Can we do short position ?
      What is the best broker(s) ?
      Thanks a lot !
    11. Daniel Larsen
      Daniel Larsen
      Holiday Greetings Master of Crypto. Several days ago I sent ~$300 of DGB through Changelly to Coinbase with the intent to exchange to BTC. I mistakenly sent BTCT which showed up as a $0.10 transaction on Coinbase and the blockchain. Coinbase does have a warning that if one sends anything other than BTC it will be lost. Any possibility to retrieve? I do have blockchain locations and all. Thx
    12. Abyssal Lord
      Abyssal Lord
      Hello Everyone
      Myself Abyssal. I'm new to cryto world, therefore I want to know-how crypto system works. Hope, i will gain the required knowledge for here.
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