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  1. Welcome to! This bitcoin forum is set up for anyone who is interested in learning more about altcoins, trading, mining, blockchain tech, ICOs, the latest news, and more. is a haven of information and advice about the best practices for cryptocurrency. Here, you can find all types of free guides to learn from, making it easier to get your head around challenging concepts. Our cryptocurrency forum has tons of helpful content that you can learn from, and also thousands of users around the world who can help you learn more about various crypto topics. We are a constantly evolving bitcoin forum that aims to help make sure you can learn about this growing industry.

    Whether you are a newbie to the whole concept or you’ve been trading since the start, though, you’ll find a safe haven and a welcome space for you to learn, grow and improve upon. Education is the only way we can help others learn about this form of digital currency. On our cryptocurrency forum, there is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question: whatever you need to learn, we’ll make sure you can find an easy way to locate and utilize the information you need. If you have any questions about our bitcoin forum, or you simply need help grasping a concept, feel free to contact the support team, or make a post on the forum. Someone will be along to help you as soon as possible, making sure you can start taking part in the new and improved digital economy!

    Disclaimer: By visiting our crypto forum, you acknowledge that we are not providing financial advice, and that we are not qualified licensed investment advisors. Never invest more than you are willing to lose as the cryptocurrency market is very volatile.

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  1. • Bitcoin (BTC) - The oldest and most widely invested cryptocurrency in the world. Anyone dipping their toes into cryptocurrencies will find their way to Bitcoin as their initial entry point. The Internet has plenty of information on Bitcoin, and a great Bitcoin forum like Masters of Crypto has a large community of Bitcoin experts ready to answer any of your questions.

    • Ethereum (ETH) – An open-source, public, blockchain-based computing platform and operating system featuring smart contracts. Ethereum had the largest percentage increase in value after Bitcoin during the cryptocurrency surge between 2017 and 2018. A large number of ICOs are built on the Ethereum platform, making it the second most valuable cryptocurrency available today.

    • Ethereum Classic (ETC) - The original Ethereum.

    • Litecoin (LTC) - One of the top ten cryptocurrencies. Litecoin draws loads of interest because many consider it to be Bitcoin’s little brother. Miners are still able to mine LTC on a powerful CPU at a much lower cost.

    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - Bitcoin spin-offs that were forked from the original Bitcoin to have faster transaction speeds. They are also possible to mine on Graphical Processing Units.

    • Ripple (XRP) – Backed by major banks across the globe, Ripple is a cryptocurrency that holds great value for investors.

    • DASH (DASH) - DASH is an acronym for Digital Cash. This cryptocurrency was known as Xcoin. Its allure is in the ease of mining, which is faster and less energy intensive to mine than other cryptocurrencies.

    If you are a beginner trader, some of the interesting topics are:

    Learn How to Trade on Binance, What to Do in a Crypto Bear Market, Bittrex, Poloniex, How to Choose an Altcoin to Invest In, Coinbase - YouTube Tutorial for Beginners, Common Crypto Terms and Abbreviations, Bookkeeping on Coinbase, Getting in on the ICO Action, Learning How to Trade on Bittrex, Getting Started with Coinbase, Getting Started with Altcoins, and Getting Started with Bitcoin.

    At the intermediate level, the topics of interest include:

    Introduction to Margin Trading, What is Gas, and What Does it Mean, Predicting Market Direction with Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis and the Elliott Wave Theory, The Basics of Chart Reading, Choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange, Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet, Bookkeeping on Poloniex & Bittrex, and How to Maximize Profits Using Your Credit Card/PayPal.

    Some of the expert cryptocurrency topics under discussion include:

    ASIC Mining Markets, Step-by-Step System for the Crypto Trading/Investing, Crypto Exchanges, Best Bitcoin Trading Bots & Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Crypto Trading Software, andThe Problems That Bitcoin Seeks to Solve

    Masters of Crypto has a huge community for anyone interested in educating themselves on blockchain technology, checking on cryptocurrency developments, viewing trading trends and technical analysis, or taking part in discussions on virtually any crypto-related topics. Any member can create relevant posts under several available sections; however, certain contents that are discouraged include ICO promotions, gambling and casino promotions, investment plans, and other individual enriching ventures. Masters of Crypto would like to remain spam free in order to offer valuable information that will help benefit the community as a whole.

    Why become a member of Masters of Crypto?

    • The analysts on this cryptocurrency forum are the best in the field. Masters of Crypto is much more than a Bitcoin forum. It is a place for learning about cryptocurrency and analyzing the trends to stay up-to-date or ahead of the game.

    • Several major cryptocurrencies are displayed on a ticker to help traders stay alert. Reviews of new and undervalued altcoins are worth reading about if you are looking for investment opportunities with huge potential.

    • Masters of Crypto has beginner, intermediate and expert levels. Any member is free to view and participate in discussions on any level. Questions are answered comprehensively and informatively. New threads are created and updated daily.

    • Alert and knowledgeable admins and moderators keep the forum informative, clean, and free from spam. Each of the admins and moderators is a respected expert in various cryptocurrency forums. They are respected by other blockchain experts, developers and users and have a great reputation on multiple exchanges. The team ensures that the discussions on this crypto forum remain high quality, relevant, and informative; otherwise, the content is quickly flagged and taken down.

    If you need updated information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain developments, Masters of Crypto is the perfect information resource. The discussions on this forum are engaging with a vibrant community eager to contribute or answer your questions. Masters of Crypto has a simple and easily navigable forum layout. The discussion channels are well categorized, and tabs for different expertise levels help direct you to discussions that are more engaging and informative to you, all based on your preference.

    How to Join?

    Joining Masters of Crypto is a simple and straightforward process. Simply pick a username and password, and you are good to go. Remaining anonymous is totally your choice! The vibrant community continues to grow at an exponential rate, bringing more value and knowledge for everyone to consume. If you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, click on the register link to join us.